I have to implement an MVC action that is invoked like this:


and it's called by a third party that is hardcoded to pass resName. So the naive way is to have an action like this:

ActionResult MyAction( String resName )

but I think that having a parameter called resName is uncool and I'd prefer to have it name resourceName. If I just rename the parameter MVC parameter mapping no longer works and I always have resourceName set to null when my action is invoked.

I tried BindAttribute like this:

ActionResult MyAction( [Bind(Include="resName")] String resourceName )

but resourceName is still null every time my action is invoked.

How do I remap my parameter name?


Prefix is what you need:

ActionResult MyAction( [Bind(Prefix="resName")] String resourceName )

However, doing a http://address/Controller/MyAction?resourceName=name won't work with that setup.


Another option is to use the ActionParameterAlias library. The nice thing about it is that both names for a given parameter will work.


using ActionParameterAlias;

    [ParameterAlias("resourceName", "resName", Order = 1)]
    ActionResult MyAction( String resourceName )

Then calls to the controller like http://address/Controller/MyAction?resourceName=name and http://address/Controller/MyAction?resName=name will both work just fine.

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    Unfortunately, ActionParameterAlias fails if you use a property of type DateTime somewhere in your application and register the global filter. The filter is traversing all properties and their properties, etc. and DateTime.Date is of type DateTime which causes endless recursion. Would probably happen in any hierarchy where a class is used recursively. Using the nuget package kills the app without saying where the problem is, so in the current version (6.0.0) is too dangerous and unstable to use.
    – Vladimir
    Jun 6 '18 at 12:29

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