I have a C#.Net Web Service and php client to invoke the web service.

Web Service Methods takes C# objects as parameters and returns C# objects as follows

Site getSite(siteID){ return Site.load(siteID) } 


void newSite(Site site){ site.save(); }

I know that WSDL tool generates c# classes and java has code generator for web services.

  • How can I invoke this services with Php?
  • Is there any utilities, libraries, such as Pear, or any framework, like Zend, generates code for Php ?
  • If I make the Objects in Php, and initialize them, then can i pass them to service calls and would that work?
  • Should they be serialized ?
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    I dont know, that s why i asked – DarthVader Oct 17 '09 at 1:49

Here is a previous question on SO: How to easily consume a web service from PHP

You can get to the wsdl of the .NET webservice by going to a url formed like the following:


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  • Thanks. Didnt see the previous questions – DarthVader Oct 17 '09 at 1:58

Please see: Consuming Web services in PHP

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