I have this line in log4j:


Works perfectly when I run the project from IntelliJ.

But when I try to run a TestNG test (from maven) it fails:

log4j:ERROR setFile(null,true) call failed. java.io.FileNotFoundException: /logs/debug.log (No such file or directory)

I could hardcode the path and all will be good. But I don't want that solution since I can deploy on various systems where ${catalina.home} is in different place.

I develop on a mac and deploy on freebsd and centos. Tomcat is in different places all the time. I could use /var/log/myapp.log but ...

Is any way to define a common variable (available in IntelliJ and when I run the maven test) with the log file path?


Please try to use the Maven Profile which will be activated when the ${env.catalina.home} is not existed, together with the Maven Surefire Plugin:Using System Properties.


Please note that the PATH_TO_CATALINA_HOME can be referred by the Maven Properties as well. e.g.


This will help us to define the ${my.dev.catalina.home} to be various values.

I hope this may help.


In order for the log4j properties file get the correct value for ${catalina.home} when running the tests from maven, it needs to be in a file that is filtered by maven (src/main/resources is a directory for files like that). Also, the variable 'catalina.home' needs to be setup in maven. You can create a variable AKA maven property that uses an environment variable so you can define the different location for the tomcat install on each machine:


You can also specify the location of the log files in relation to the home directory for your user account.

In log4j this would use the following format: ${user.home}/weblogs/log4j1.log

In log4j 2, this would use the following format: ${sys:user.home}/weblogs/log4j2Rolling.log

log4j 2 can use the Java system properties, environmental variables, or Maven properties

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