I have spent the last couple of days getting an application deployed to auze. All is looking good but I have gotten stuck on an issue with virtual applications.

Within my servicedefinition file I have

  <Site name="Web" physicalDirectory="D:\@code\Web">
    <VirtualApplication name="API" physicalDirectory="D:\@code\API"></VirtualApplication>
      <Binding name="Endpoint1" endpointName="Endpoint1" />
      <Binding name="Endpoint2" endpointName="Https" />

Both applications are deployed and the virtual appliction is created however I can't get the api application to run. I rdp onto the server and took a look around. The API project isn't being compiled, Basically all of the .cs files are in the root of the siteroot > 1

Is there an extra step I need to do to fix this?

Any assistance would be awesome.


Only the WebRole project (..Site name='Web'...) is "compiled".

All rest of the sites you define, including Virtual Applications are just copied. So you need to point the physicalDirectory to a locally deployed/compiled app folder. You can for example create a Publish Profile for your API project that deploys to local file system. Then specify the target folder of that deployment for physicalDirectory in the VirtualApplication definition.

There is some documentation here. However it is not explicitly mentioned that it works out of the box for a WebSite projects and not Web Application projects! It will work for WebSite project out of the box, because the deployment model for WebSite project is just xcopy deployment.

Apparently there are very few people who do WebSite projects nowadays. Most of us do Web Application projects. So, in the case of Web Application we must not point the physicalDirectory to the project folder, but rather to a deployment folder for that project.

If someone is confused - here the official documentation on Web Application Projects versus Web Site Projects.

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