Here's a demo of what a page curl animation looks like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVZHN_o45sg

There are a couple of page curl animation libraries:

They are meant to work with Bitmap Drawables and not necessarily ViewGroups. If was wondering if anyone has come up with a similar page curl transition for ViewPagers.


Not a straight way..but, How about creating the bitmap of view group by getDrawingCache() method and pass the bitmap to library.

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This is a library that I just come across; it has a nice page curl transformation. It is not the exact same page curl that you want; but maybe some remedy to anyone

How it looks


implementation 'com.wajahatkarim3.easyflipviewpager:easyflipviewpager:1.0.0'


// Get ViewPager and Set Adapter        
myViewPager = findViewById(R.id.myViewPager);
pagerAdapter = new MyPagerAdapter(this);

// Create an object of page transformer
BookFlipPageTransformer bookFlipPageTransformer = new BookFlipPageTransformer();

// Enable / Disable scaling while flipping. If true, then next page will scale in (zoom in). By default, its true.

// The amount of scale the page will zoom. By default, its 5 percent.

// Assign the page transformer to the ViewPager.
myViewPager.setPageTransformer(true, bookFlipPageTransformer);
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