I have a function returning data based on the parameters passed. Basically, the queries change depending on the clauses.

return select()->from('db')->where('x',$something)->where('y','fixed')...

else if(2==$case)
return select()->from('db')->where('x','fixed')->where('y',$something)...

Is there a better way of doing this?

Also, is it possible to have such a clause


'*' to be replaced by a value or something which equates to "any".

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This type of queries is also called "dynamic queries" because you can combine the clauses in an easy way. Try this:

$query = $this->db->select()
if(1==$case) {
elseif (2==$case){
return $query->get();

Answering your second question, you can use:

$this->db->like('category', '%');

You can do like this-

$where = array();

 $where['x'] = $something;
 $where['y'] = 'fixed';

else if(2==$case)
 $where['x'] = $something;
 $where['y'] = 'fixed';


You could have simplified it like this

if($case == 1){
}else if($case == 2){
    //no where clause
$query  =   $this->db->get('db_table');
return $query->result();

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