In Perl, you call modules using :: as path separator. So, if you have a module on site/lib/GD/Image.pm, you call use GD::Image.

However, long time ago I found out that you can also call use GD'Image and things like my $img = new GD'Image;, and there are also modules on CPAN using that syntax on ther names/documentation.

What is the purpose or logic behind that? Is it maybe, as many things in Perl, just a feature intended to humanize sentences and allow you to create and use modules like Acme::Don't?

Does it have any other intention different to ::?


See perlmod for explanation:

The old package delimiter was a single quote, but double colon is now the preferred delimiter

So, the reason is history.


The single quote is an old ADA separator. However, it didn't play well with Emacs, so the double colon became used.

Good God! ADA? Emacs? I am old.

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