Does awk have an OR statement i.e given the following snippet:

awk '{if ($2=="abc") print "blah"}'

Is it possible to add an OR statement so that if $2==abc OR def -> print?

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Yes. There's logical OR || that you can use:

awk '{if ($2=="abc" || $2=="def") print "blah" }'

You would not write this code in awk:

awk '{if ($2=="abc") print "blah"}'

you would write this instead:

awk '$2=="abc" {print "blah"}'

and to add an "or" would be either of these depending on what you're ultimately trying to do:

awk '$2~/^(abc|def)$/ {print "blah"}'

awk '$2=="abc" || $2=="def" {print "blah"}'

awk '
BEGIN{ split("abc def",tmp); for (i in tmp) targets[tmp[i]] }
$2 in targets {print "blah"}

That last one would be most appropriate if you have several strings you want to match.

  • Could you explain why you wouldn't use the first version?
    – ae0709
    Commented Sep 25, 2020 at 17:10
  • 3
    @ae0709 the body of an awk script is a series of <condition> { <action> } statements. That first script is using a null condition (true by default) and then embedding a condition inside the action part of the script inside an if statement. Idiomatically it's like if in C you wrote if ( true ) { if (foo) { do_bar() } } instead of just if (foo) { do_bar() }
    – Ed Morton
    Commented Sep 25, 2020 at 17:14
awk '{if ($2=="abc" || $2=="def") print "blah"}'

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