I have the master-child pages in asp.net, i want to highlight the page which is currently active, it can be done easily using id's for various pages and navigation links in css, but here in asp.net master-child page concept, there is no <body> for child contents, how to solve this problem ?


Try using a css style. you could use something like :

<a href='Page1.aspx' class="<%=SetCssClass('Page1.aspx')%>"></a>
<a href='Page2.aspx' class="<%=SetCssClass('Page2.aspx')%>"></a>
<a href='Page3.aspx' class="<%=SetCssClass('Page3.aspx')%>"></a>
<a href='Page4.aspx' class="<%=SetCssClass('Page4.aspx')%>"></a>

U can now use a simple function to set the css class to use

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