I'm using Minicom (serial port software for Linux) for interacting with my GSM modem. Actually now I'm trying to use one of my mobile-provider's services with AT commands.

Here I say, I want to see my balance:



+CUSD: 1,"this service will deduct you 5cent from your balance, to continue please enter 1",15

So, here I sent "1", but nothing happened and the session got closed.



Nothing happened, but the session closed.

With a normal phone, after entering 1, I will get my current balance.

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The format of the command is AT+CUSD=[<n>[,<str>[,<dcs>]]], and the second parameter, <str>, is a string that should be enclosed in double quotes. E.g.


See 27.007 for more details about AT+CUSD and V.250 for general AT command handling.

If your phone gives an OK response to AT+CUSD=1,1 that is really bad, it should have given ERROR. V.250 is crystal clear on this:

String constants shall be bounded at the beginning and end by the double-quote character

  • the problem is solved :) actually my account was zero at first, and normally I should have received an error saying that "my balance is not enough", anyway after I transferred the money to my account, I've tested again and now I see the confirmation message and ..
    – atari83
    Apr 7, 2013 at 7:54

So for your case,


And don't forget the 15 at the end. This question helped me to solve the problem.


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