If I call a Win32 function that reports errors via GetLastError, for example RegisterClassEx, how do I throw a std::system_error for that error?


Check on the value of GetLastError() like

DWORD dwErrVal = GetLastError();
std::error_code ec (dwErrVal, std::system_category());
throw std::system_error(ec, "Exception occurred");

See here for error_code and here for std::system_error.

  • Is it generic_category? Looking at the vc11 implementation it looks like maybe it should be system_category. – Michael Marcin Apr 6 '13 at 20:09
  • Thank you, didn't know it existed! – bash.d Apr 6 '13 at 20:13
  • Hmm, this doesn't seem to be working for me. GetLastError() is returning ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER, but the system_error::what simply says "unknown error" – Mooing Duck May 28 '15 at 22:15
  • system_error is for errno codes, not Win32 codes. They're different. newscentral.exsees.com/item/… – Mooing Duck May 28 '15 at 22:28
  • 1
    The whole std::system_category() thing in C++11 is a disaster when it comes to implementing on Win32 platform. Check this out. There is basically no provision in the standard for systems which have both errno and native error codes. – rustyx Jun 3 '16 at 9:19

Be aware that comparing a std::error_code in the category of std::system_category() doesn't generally work with the std::errc enumeration constants depending on your vendor. E.g.

std::error_code(ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND, std::system_category()) != std::errc::no_such_file_or_directory)

Certain vendors require using std::generic_category() for that to work.

In MinGW std::error_code(ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND, std::system_category()).message() won't give you the correct message.

For a truly portable and robust solution I would recommend subclassing both std::system_error and std::system_category to windows_error and windows_category and implement the correct functionality yourself. YMMV, VS2017 has been reported to work as one would expect.

  • 2
    Someone has got to have made this alreadyright? But I can't find one :( – Mooing Duck Oct 15 '13 at 21:05
  • I am writing in 2017, so I am at a big advantage. This said, there are several problems with your answer. The reason your first example failed was because your should have used ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND. Secondly, even ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND will work under Visual C++ 2017 (but not 2013), as long as you use system_category. Yes, it only works correctly when one uses system_category, but not generic_category. Microsoft has made it work very well. – Yongwei Wu Sep 23 '17 at 13:33

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