Trying out a simple one, three less files:




body {
   background-color: @green;


@import: "colors.less";
@import: "background.less";

When I

 lessc main.less main.css

Nothing is in output. I thought when you import less files, it will get resolved. Double-checked with how twitter bootstrap is doing it...it seems to work fine for them. I am using lessc 1.3.3 (LESS Compiler) [JavaScript] as LESS compiler


the colon turns it into a variable declaration. remove the colon.

@import "file.less";
  • Luke is correct, I didn't even notice the colons at all - they slipped right by me. This is the answer that should be selected – jonschlinkert Apr 10 '13 at 19:47

Based on the example you gave, make sure all of the files are in the same folder. Otherwise it won't work unless you either:

  • change the paths in the @import statements to point to the location of the files, or
  • use a compiler such as assemble-less to define the path(s) the the imported files

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