Is there a way to find out the Scheme used at the run time ?

May be there is a better way to do this, I'm trying to set the Access Environment (Production vs Development) by using the Scheme name.

Currently I use #define ENV @"PROD" in App-Prefix.pch file to do this, but there is a chance to miss this when sending pkg to apple for review :(


When running an app on the simulator or on your device, the DEBUG variable is set, allowing you to use it from your code:

#ifdef DEBUG
    // Something
    // Something else

You can see this variable from your target's build settings:

As soon as the Run configuration is set on Debug (Product -> Scheme -> Edit Scheme), this variable will be set:

enter image description here

  • ah, I didn't know that, thx for super fast response :) – user390687 Apr 7 '13 at 0:09
  • Yeah, doing this using the Build Configuration is likely better than inferring it via the Scheme, since build configuration also affects lots of other build settings. – Stuart M Apr 7 '13 at 0:09

I searched far and wide for an answer to this because I really don't like the idea of creating extra Targets nor extra Configuration sets. Both of those options just create a huge Configuration synchronization problem.

So, after hacking Xcode for a couple of hours, this is what I came up with:

Step 1: Add the key "SchemeName" to your Info.plist with type string.

Step 2: Edit your default scheme and on Build -> Pre-actions add a new Run Script with the following:

/usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c "Set :SchemeName \"$SCHEME_NAME\"" "$PROJECT_DIR/$INFOPLIST_FILE"

Make sure and select a target from under "Provide build settings from".

Step 3: Now duplicate that scheme as many times as you like (Manage Schemes... -> Select existing scheme -> Click gear icon -> Duplicate) For instance, you can create Development, Staging, Production, App Store, etc. Don't forget to click "shared" if you want these schemes carried around in version control.

Step 4: In the code, you can retrieve the value like this:

NSString *schemeName = [[[NSBundle mainBundle] infoDictionary] valueForKey:@"SchemeName"];

Now, the code can configure itself correctly at runtime. No nasty preprocessor macros to deal with and no brittle configuration mess to maintain.

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    This is great and works! I set only the 'SchemeName' key in info.plist, and when I run the build the value is set. Here's my question: where does $SCHEME_NAME come from? I've searched the documentation for XCode environment variables (and the internet) and can't find any reference to it whatsoever. – shmim Jan 6 '16 at 18:25
  • Before I got it working, I had the Run Script command echo out all environment variables (Xcode sets a bunch before executing the script). I just then searched through it until I found a likely suspect. – David K. Hess Jan 6 '16 at 21:17
  • And in fact, if I recall correctly, this env var is only set in the scheme related Pre/Post actions. I don't think it is set in a normal Run Script in the Build Phases. – David K. Hess Jan 6 '16 at 21:35
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    great solution exactly what i needed, thx – carlos16196 Jul 30 '16 at 9:55
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    This is awesome. Thank you for sharing this. – Muzammil Aug 20 '16 at 8:57

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