Since version 3.7.11 SQLite supports enhanced INSERT syntax to allow multiple rows to be inserted via the VALUES clause.


Is there any limit on how many values can be inserted in a single statement? (for e.g. 500)


SQLite handles a multi-row INSERT like a compound SELECT. The limit for that is indeed 500.

However, since version 3.8.8,

the number of rows in a VALUES clause is no longer limited by SQLITE_LIMIT_COMPOUND_SELECT.


According to the official documentation, there are some limits actually:

  1. Maximum Length Of An SQL Statement

    The maximum number of bytes in the text of an SQL statement is limited to SQLITE_MAX_SQL_LENGTH which defaults to 1000000 bytes.

  2. Maximum Number Of Host Parameters In A Single SQL Statement

    The number of host parameters (aka tokens) - either named, unnamed or numbered - is limited to SQLITE_MAX_VARIABLE_NUMBER, which defaults to 999 items.

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