I know i can do something like

## brew info FORMULA_NAME
brew info wgetpaste


wgetpaste: stable 2.20
Not installed

Then i can follow the url to get some info about the formula before installing. Do we have any way to get this info in command line using brew?

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Nope. Homebrew intentionally lets the web sites serve as documentation of the packages, instead of maintaining a separate copy of it.

You can do a brew home <formula> to fire up a browser from the command line, or brew edit <formula> to examine the formula's installation instructions themselves in an editor.


You can get a one-line textual description of a package with:

brew desc FORMULA-NAME

For example, "brew desc terminator" returns:

terminator: Multiple terminals in one window

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    This is probably the most correct answer to this question, at this time. – SexxLuthor Jan 28 at 6:14

try this:

brew cask info [package]

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