Apologies for the ambiguous title, but I don't know how to word my problem in such a way that makes sense in a single sentence.

So I have some simple regex code to extract code between brackets.


This successfully works in Python with the following code.

m = re.search( "^.*\((.*)\).*" ,input)
if m:

My problem occurs when a closing bracket ) may be inside the outermost brackets. For example, my current code when given

nsfnje (19(33)22) sfssf

as an input would return


but I would like it to return.


I'm not sure how to fix this, so any help would be appreciated!

>>> input = "nsfnje (19(33)22) sfssf"
>>> re.search( "\((.*)\)" ,input).group(1)

Note that this searches for outermost parentheses, even if they are unbalanced (e.g. "(1(2)))))"). It is not possible to search for balanced parentheses using a single standard regular expression. For more information, see this answer.

  • This question has more details on why regexes don't work for general nesting and some alternative approaches if you do need it. – Dougal Apr 7 '13 at 16:38

You code does not give 19(33, it gives 33)22.

The problem is that the ^.* at the start of your regex matches all the way up to the last ( in the string, whereas you actually want to match from the first ( in the string.

If you just want what is within the outermost brackets, then remove the .* at the start of your regex, and you may as well remove the ending .* also as it similarly serves no purpose.


If you want the match of the whole line/string as well as what is within the brackets, then make the first * match lazily by adding a ?


or better, use


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