I've trained a Random Forest (regressor in this case) model using scikit learn (python), and I'would like to plot the error rate on a validation set based on the numeber of estimators used. In other words, there's a way to predict using only a portion of the estimators in your RandomForestRegressor?

Using predict(X) will give you the predictions based on the mean of every single tree results. There is a way to limit the usage of the trees? Or eventually, get each single output for each single tree in the forest?


Thanks to cohoz I've figured out how to do it. I've written a couple of def, which turned out to be handy while plotting the learning curve of the random forest regressor on the test set.

## Error metric
import numpy as np
def rmse(train,test):
    return np.sqrt(np.mean(pow(test - train+,2)))

## Print test set error
## Input the RandomForestRegressor, test set feature and test set known values
def rfErrCurve(rf_model,test_X,test_y):
    p = []
    for i,tree in enumerate(rf_model.estimators_):
                print rmse(np.mean(p,axis=0),test_y)

Once trained, you can access these via the "estimators_" attribute of the random forest object.

  • thanks man - I didn't noticed that was returning the list of the trees. – Alessandro Mariani Apr 10 '13 at 23:56

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