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I have something quite mysteriously not working in my DNS configuration :

  • My app is at :
  • I configured the following way :

    @ 10800 IN A
    www 10800 IN CNAME

using wwwizer.

So, redirects to which CNAMEs to

Everything seems fine, but when I enter or, I get : Heroku | No such app error message.

So I tried this :

host is an alias for has address


host has address

I can't see where the problem is. WWWizer seems working fine, but it feels like CNAME hasn't refreshed since the herokuapp IP changed ...

Any tip would be super appreciated.


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Have you added all of the possible incoming domains to your application? – Neil Middleton Apr 8 '13 at 10:03
You mean on the Heroku side ? When I type heroku domains I get : === my-domain Domain Names – Augustin Riedinger Apr 8 '13 at 10:41
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Thanks to @neil-middleton comment, I found the solution.

I did added earlier heroku domains:add

but did not for heroku domains:add

which is the one that matters here. (Though I left both in case)

So it seems heroku has its own internal DNS control when CNAME-ing * where it gets as an entry the heroku domains.

This is logical to avoid setting CNAME to an app one don't own.

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