how can i set endpoint address dynamically

i set endpoint address in to a property in run time and need to replace URI of endpoint address with it's value.

how can i set URI value of address with this value?


You can create your endpoint like

<endpoint xmlns="http://ws.apache.org/ns/synapse" name="MyEndpoint">
   <http uri-template="{uri.var.full}?f={uri.var.f}{+uri.var.extra}" method="put">

Then before calling the endpoint 'MyEndpoint' set the properties .. the properties, to be parsed for an endpoint must begin with uri.

I also found out, that if you put a + before the property name, it doesn't URI encode it, so it's handy for creating parameters on the fly.. otherwise for known parameters, you can do like above for paramameter f

so .. something like

<property name="uri.var.full" value="http://jarhedz.com/viewtopic.php"/>
<property name="url.var.f" value="2"/>
<property name="uri.var.extra" value="&t=39"/>
    <endpoint key="MyEndpoint"></endpoint>

should bring you to the url http://jarhedz.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=39

(btw just as a note, if you're using the web editor, it'll complain about the & .. its buggy as hell .. save it as


.. and that saves it as & or set the property using javascript )

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    If the URI is not http? – Marco S. Jan 31 '18 at 15:29

Use Header meditaor to set "to" header and use default endpoint..Check this post for sample.

  • That sample worked for me! The only change I did to make it work was to remove the <endpoint> and <default> tags from the top, and add them inside a <send> tag at the bottom. It'd look like this: <header xmlns:m1="services.samples/xsd" xmlns:m0="services.samples" name="To" expression="fn:concat(get-property('server'),get-property('service'))"/><send><endpoint><default/></endpoint></send></inSequence> – lsantsan Mar 24 '15 at 17:04

Use header mediator to set the "To" Address header with the value you extract from your assigned property.

  • Thank you Mr Shelan Perera for your quick response. i used header mediator for this issue but i want to use End Point artifact so that i had more flexibility if require. how can i use xpath expression in endpoint? i used endpoint template but when i create endpoint from the template in console, only can set Value field not Expression in it's parameter. also i create EndPoint bye address and set Expression with get-property('EPadd') but it does not work. i do not know what should be written in the Xpath field when creating an EndPopint! – Ramtin Ramtin Apr 10 '13 at 8:22

When the server doesn't publish its WSDL, see Myobis comment here. Tried addPort without success.


This method is worked for me correctly.

I need to create bellow dynamic url

http://localhost:8787/{dynamic parameter}

Inside the end point url is like this


Set "test" variable as my dynamic parameter (If you need to set Expression value set it). Set "test" value inside the property mediator.(I did this insideproxy service)

<property name="uri.var.servicepath" scope="default" type="STRING" value="test"/>

create endpoint

In here I created HTTP End point

<endpoint name="ServiceEP" xmlns="http://ws.apache.org/ns/synapse">
   <http method="post" uri-template="http://localhost:8787/{uri.var.servicepath}"/>

Then add this endpoint inside your Proxy service or API

   <endpoint key="ServiceEP"/>

Finally your proxy look like this

   <property name="uri.var.servicepath" scope="default" type="STRING" 

      <endpoint key="SurepayVASAppsEP"/>

Like this you can change every url parameter.Ex-:


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