[dcc32 Error] psystr.pas(249): E2251 Ambiguous overloaded call to 'Pos'
    System.pas(28005): Related method: function Pos(const string; const string; Integer):         Integer;
    System.pas(28165): Related method: function Pos(const WideString; const WideString;     Integer): Integer;

I'm getting the above error on the following function. How can I fix this? The code was given to me by another coder but I'm a complete amateur, so simple answers would be appreciated!

function ExplodeStr(const AString: WideString; AWordIndex: Integer; AChar: Char): WideString;
  Index, Counter: Integer;
  Result  := Trim(AString);
  Counter := 0;
  Index   := Pos(AChar + AChar, Result);
  while Index > 0 do
    Delete(Result, Index, 1);
    Index := Pos(AChar + AChar, Result);
  Index := Pos(AChar, Result);
  while ((Counter < AWordIndex) and (Index > 0)) do
    Delete(Result, 1, Index);
    Index := Pos(AChar, Result);

    Counter := Counter + 1;
  if (Counter < AWordIndex) then
    Result := '';
  Index    := Pos(AChar, Result);
  if Index > 0 then
    Delete(Result, Index, MaxInt);

There are overloaded versions of POS in System, you just need to tell the compiler which one he has to use e.g. by calling

Index := Pos(WideString(AChar + AChar), Result);
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  • Thanks for this easy fix, it was starting to drive me nuts :-) – Jerry Dodge Nov 25 '13 at 22:25

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