Does qemu/kvm support ovf? Is it able to boot existing ovf packages? I can not find any related info both in ovf standard and qemu/kvm website. Any helpful link on this? Thanks.

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You are looking for virt-tools which contains virt-convert which is intended to be used to convert OVF to a format usable to QEMU. It would probably help to build from the latest source. The git repo is now https://github.com/virt-manager/virt-manager


virt-convert is not part of newer versions of virt-tools anymore. An alternative called virt-v2v was developed as a part of libguestfs. You might still get this tool in some older versions of libguestfs, but it was split to a separate project: https://github.com/libguestfs/virt-v2v. As of writing I haven't found virt-v2v in any package repos yet. So the straight forward way to get it is building it from source.

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