How can I drop user without the table in oracle?

 create user andi identified by andi; 
 alter user andi quota 10m on users; 
 grant connect to andi; 
 grant create table to andi;

 conn andi;

 create table mahasiswa( idmhs number(3) primary key, nama varchar(20),
    nim number(7), jurusan varchar(20) );

 insert into mahasiswa values (101, 'Budi', 0881103, 'TI');

 drop user andi cascade; ---> table mahasiswa is also deleted.

How can I drop user without the table in oracle? Thank you in advance!


You can not do this.

The table belongs to andi and when you drop andi you also drop all its belongings.

As mentioned before (by @Steven Wolfe) create a user for the tables, and grant privileges for the other users.


You could create the mahasiswa table with another user as the owner and then grant the user andi whichever privileges they require (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE).

I'd also create a synonym so you don't have to continually reference the table from the andi schema with the owner schema, eg: OTHERUSER.mahasiswa. As the andi user execute the following:


Hope that helps.

  • i created 'CREATE SYNONYM mahasiswa FOR OTHERUSER.mahasiswa' from user andi? but it said insufficient privileges.. so i create 'grant create synonym to andi' from dba. name is already used by an existing object but i dont have any table mahasiswa on the dba user.. – Grace Martina Apr 9 '13 at 9:19
  • @Grace You should create the synonym within the schema which will access the object referenced by the synonym, or you can CREATE PUBLIC SYNONYM which can be visible by any user (schema). – Yasir Arsanukaev Apr 9 '13 at 10:01

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