This may be a stupid question, but....

when setting options after importing pandas I set them one at a time such as:


Is there any way to try and combine them. I tried passing a list of options but no worky.

Not a biggy if there is only one way to do it.


There isn't a native way to do multiple options on one line. I guess you could do something like:

[pd.set_option(option, setting) for option, setting in [('max_rows', 1000), ('notebook_repr_html', False)]]

but I wouldn't recommend doing that!

I think writing this longhand is easier to read, more concise, and more pythonic:

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    your first option would look better as a list comp imho – jamylak Apr 10 '13 at 10:59

[A couple of years later to the party....]

I know it is an old question, but I found myself often searching for this.

This is my solution based on Andy Hayden solution above. A little bit more readable and uses python 3.X dict.

pd_options = {
'display.max_rows'    : 500,
'display.max_columns' : 500,
'display.width'       : 1000,

[pd.set_option(option, setting) for option, setting in pd_options.items()]

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