I want to get all the links inside a with a certain class.

An example of the HTML is

    <a class="dn-index-link" href="/dailynotes/symbol/659/-1/e-mini-sp500-june-2013">
        ES M3
    <a href="/dailynotes/symbol/659/-1/e-mini-sp500-june-2013">
        E-mini S&amp;P500 June 2013

If I want to get all the links that have the class class="dn-index-link"

what would be my XPath and HTML Agility code?

Thanks, Will.


A code like this in a Console Application will dump the content of the HREF attribute for all A nodes (at any level in the whole document) with a CLASS attribute equal to 'dn-index-link' (Click here for a good XPATH tutorial):

HtmlDocument doc = new HtmlDocument();

foreach (HtmlNode node in doc.DocumentNode.SelectNodes("//a[@class='dn-index-link']"))
    Console.WriteLine("node:" + node.GetAttributeValue("href", null));

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