My test plan scenario is to do load-testing for 100 concurrent users login to website.

I have created Threadgroup with Number of threads as 100.
Created CSV file which contains 100 users login details (unique usernames and passwords).
Under Sign in sample added a “User Parameter” from Thread Group -> PreProcessors to it. Added variables using __CSVRead function which reads values from file test.csv.
Selected the login sample and changed the values of userid and password to ${A} and ${B}.

Is this the right way to do or is there any alternative way to achieve this?


If this works for you and works as you expect, that's enough.

But looks like CSV Data Set Config is more suitable and easier to use for multi-user scenarios than __CSVRead function:

Thread Group
Number of Threads: N    // count of your test-threads (users)
Loop Count: 1
    CSV Data Set Config
    Filename: [path to your csv-file with usernames / passwords]
    Variable Names: username,pwd    // extracted values can be referred as ${username}, ${pwd}
    Recycle on EOF? False
    Stop thread on EOF? True
    Sharing mode: Current thread group
    . . .
    HTTP Request // your http call
    . . .

As per documentation:

The function is not suitable for use with large files, as the entire file is stored in memory. For larger files, use CSV Data Set Config element or StringFromFile.

Pretty detailed guides available here:

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