When followint the docopt README, I would expect the following file to produce some valid output:

#!/usr/bin/env python
"""Example file.


  test_docopt.py test
  test_docopt.py (-h | --help)
  test_docopt.py --version

  -h --help                       Show this screen
  --version                       Show version.


import pkg_resources
from docopt import docopt

if __name__ == '__main__':
    args = docopt(__doc__, version="Extend limb profiles 0.1")

However, when I call test_docopt.py, I only get a meaningless/empty Usage statement:

$ python test_docopt.py test

My two questions are:

  • Why is docopt apparently failing to recognize the test command?
  • Why isn't the Usage pattern filled with the actual usage pattern?

You need to remove the empty line between Usage: and the usage itself. From README.rst

Usage pattern is a substring of doc that starts with usage: (case insensitive) and ends with a visibly empty line.

By putting an empty line right after Usage: you end the usage pattern right there.

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