I have a PHP project set up in Eclipse with SVN support. Now, Eclipse adds its project files .buildpath and .project to the project and Subclipse wants to add it to the repository.

Now I could just use svn:ignore to let SVN ignore the files, but that's not an option for various reasons. So, is there a way to make Eclipse and Subclipse ignore the files (which it should anyway)?


Preferences > Team > Ignored Resources

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    In Eclipse Indigo it is a bit different. Properties > SVN Info > Right click in field with list of keywords > Add > Name will be svn:ignore, Property will be list of ignored files e.g. .project But this answer guided me in right direction, so thanks. – Viliam Aug 14 '13 at 7:54
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    The OP was looking for something that didn't use svn:ignore. But that's generally a better way to make sure they're not committed by anyone. – JW. Aug 14 '13 at 15:10
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    @JW. solution works perfectly. I added the following patterns: .classpath .project .settings */.settings/* */target */target/* – txedo Jul 14 '15 at 13:23

Can you use global-ignores? If yes, customize it in your config file:

  • On Windows: C:\Documents and Settings\%USERID%\Application Data\Subversion\config
  • On Linux: ~/.subversion/config
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  • Not specifically for Eclipse, but was very helpful to me. – shadanan Dec 3 '13 at 19:27

If you want to ignore folders in the eclipse ignored resources, the pattern is */.settings/* for the .settings folder for example

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Can you just uncheck the box for "Show unversioned files" in the commit window?

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If you right click on the folder in eclipse, and select Show Properties... you can add the svn:ignore right there and have it cascade down to every folder if you choose.

You could the following as a template:


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    There is no place to add svn:ignore in the properties dialog. – Dean Schulze Jul 25 '16 at 16:23

if above answer (tortoise) has no option for commit window directly then

  1. go in tortoise setting -->context menu --> check the click on hide Menus for the unversioned path
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