I'm using dapper and solr. After I get ids from solr I'm quering db like that:

var dbResults = await dbConnection.QueryAsync<Product>(@"SELECT  p.[ProductId] as Id]
                                                                        ,p.[Product] as [Name]
                                                            FROM [dbo].[Products] p with(nolock)                                                                
                                                            WHERE p.[ProductId] in @productsIds", new {productsIds = toGet}, commandTimeout: 2);

Count of ids is changing from 1 to 200. Will I have memory issues because every query will be cached separately? Any ideas how can I optimize it? (I'm using azure website with sql azure and I'm getting 500 internal server error from time to time without any reason, nothing in logs.)

  • Are you sure the 500 is coming from a memory issue? Did you profile your application and the server? – Alex Apr 10 '13 at 10:38
  • This is azure web site so I don't have access to server logs only to application log (event log). I can't see anything interesting there. Only some simple errors. I have custom errors "on" but in case of this 500 I see error page from iis not my application. I'm looking for solution and by accident saw possibility of memory issues for non parametrized queries. I "dot traced" my aplication on local machine but can't see anything really wrong here. – user235681 Apr 10 '13 at 10:54

Well, at the .NET side we only cache that once per text / connection-string pair, where "text" here is the fixed TSQL query before any voodoo. The generated IL for that scenario includes a call to PackListParameters (which is after all the cache steps etc - just before exec), which adds the multiple parameters and changes the TSQL.

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