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I am using bootstrap-wysihtml5 editor. And I want to add onclick event for all the input elements. I was trying to add the script into the iframe. this is not working Is there any easy way to include the click event into the editor?

Please help.

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I have solved the issue by adding "focus" and "blur" events of the editor.

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Note that it is possible to set default event handlers for elements by adding a custom parser rule and attach it to the editor's constructor.

Simple example:

<div id="toolbar" style="display: none;">
  <a data-wysihtml5-action="change_view">switch to html view</a>
<textarea id="textarea" placeholder="Enter text ..."></textarea>

<script src="../parser_rules/simple.js"></script>
<script src="../dist/wysihtml5-0.4.0pre.js"></script>
  wysihtml5ParserRules.tags.button = {
    set_attributes: {
        onclick: "console.log('You clicked a button.')"

  var editor = new wysihtml5.Editor("textarea", {
    parserRules:    wysihtml5ParserRules
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