When creating a new class or interface in Netbeans IDE, an "@author ...." tag appears. How to change its value? If possible, I would like to change it by using Netbeans menu and not by editing some config files :) I'm using Netbeans 7.2

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  1. Go to Tools -> Templates.

  2. Click on Settings button. A new panel with template settings will appear in your IDE:

  3. Uncomment the last line and change the value of "user" to what ever you like to be inserted after the @author tag.

PS: I think this blog will better explain how to update author template

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    You might also want to do a Find and Replace(Ctrl + Shift + H) for changing all the already place @ author tag in the project. As the change above doesn't change the already placed @ author.
    – T04435
    Oct 12, 2015 at 6:25
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    And don't use the angle-brackets in the dummy version initially provided, for enclosing your e-mail address. The javadoc processor will think it's HTML, and call it an error. Sep 14, 2016 at 19:01
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    But this is a global setting? Can author be specific for a project?
    – zygimantus
    Jan 18, 2018 at 8:35
  • @Storm, no, I haven't.
    – zygimantus
    Sep 12, 2018 at 6:23
  • @Storm @ zygimantus .... Have you guys tried updating License Header and use it as template for project .?? Sep 12, 2018 at 9:41

In case someone else finds this while looking for the same functionality in Eclipse: Window -> Show View -> Templates


-In netbeans go to Tools -> Templates -> Settings -last line of the file, write like this user=xyz

N:B: Instead of xyz you could be used your name.


I could not find any template or Code completion in Netbeans 15 to get rid of that @author when I added a javadoc to a class. Hence I added another code completion, cc, and let it add the javadoc.

Additional Code Completion

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