I want to pass the control name to sub procedure.

LoadDetails grid1

Sub LoadDetails(grid1 as string)
    Dim a as control
    a = grid1

Above code is showing error as

object variable or with block variable not set

How to solve this problem.

Need vb6 code help

  • what error are you getting? – Agustin Meriles Apr 11 '13 at 12:23
  • object variable or with block variable not set – Gopal Apr 11 '13 at 12:32
  • Your current code fails because you are trying to allocate a string to an object reference. You can only use "Set" to set an object reference, and the right hand side of the "Set" statement must evaluate to an object of a compatible object type. It would help if you revealed to us what you are trying to do. – Mark Bertenshaw Apr 12 '13 at 0:08
  • @Gopal Still adding the "Need vb6 code help".. As I've said mainy times, it's not needed. It's implied in the tags and the very fact that you're asking a question. – Deanna Apr 12 '13 at 13:37

You are trying to assign a string (grid1) to a control (a). If you can, pass the control itself instead of the name of the control:

LoadDetails grid1 'grid1 is here of type Control

Sub LoadDetails(a as Control)

grid1 is now the control instead of the name of the control. You will need to change the code before LoadDetails grid1. Even better would be if you know the type of the control. If for example the control is a MSFlexGrid, you can use this:

LoadDetails grid1 'grid1 is a MSFLexGrid

Sub LoadDetails(a as MSFlexGrid)
    'Do stuff with the grid

If it's not possible to pass the control itself, you can use this method to find the control with a given name:


(thanks Deanna for pointing me to this function)

In your code:

LoadDetails grid1 'grid1 is here a string, like in your original code

Sub LoadDetails(grid1 as string)
    Dim a as control
    a = Me.Controls(grid1)
  • 2
    They can also use Me.Controls(sName) I think. – Deanna Apr 12 '13 at 13:35

Your parameter is incorrect. You should change it like this (example with a text box control).

Private Sub HighlightText(ByRef txtBox As TextBox)

    txtBox.SelStart = 0
    txtBox.SelLength = Len(txtBox.Text)

End Sub

The code example will highlight the contents of a text box control. The important part, though, is that you can declare a parameter as a control type, and then use it directly within the sub.

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