I have a data frame called, Fail.

I would like to save Fail as a CSV in a location that the user selects. Below is some example code that I found, but I don't know how to incorporate Fail into it.

fileName <- tclvalue(tkgetSaveFile())
if (!nchar(fileName)) {
    tkmessageBox(message = "No file was selected!")
} else {
    tkmessageBox(message = paste("The file selected was", fileName))

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Take a look at the write.csv or the write.table functions. You just have to supply the file name the user selects to the file parameter, and the dataframe to the x parameter:

write.csv(x=df, file="myFileName")
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    I didn't see it mentioned, so I thought it would be useful to mention the row.names = F parameter that will remove the rownames from taking up an output column
    – Slak
    Commented Feb 3, 2015 at 11:53

You need not to use even the package "tcltk". You can simply do as shown below:

write.csv(x, file = "c:\\myname\\yourfile.csv", row.names = FALSE)

Give your path inspite of "c:\myname\yourfile.csv".

write.csv([enter name of dataframe here],file = file.choose(new = T))

After running above script this window will open :

enter image description here

Type the new file name with extension in the File name field and click Open, it'll ask you to create a new file to which you should select Yes and the file will be created and saved in the desired location.

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