.trans{ -webkit-transition:background-position 0.2s; }

I have nav menu items and added the transition above to each of them.

Also JQuery hover functions as:

$(".menuUL li").mouseover(function () { $(this).css({'background-position':'center top','color':'white'});}); $(".menuUL li").mouseout(function () {
if(this.id == currentTab) {$(this).css({'background-position':'center top','color':'white'});} else {$(this).css({'background-position':'center bottom','color':'#0196e3'});}});

And click function to chance content:

` $(".menuUL li").click(function(){

        $(".menuUL li").not(this).css({'background-position':'center bottom','background-color':'#666666','color':'#0196e3'});
        $(this).css({'background-position':'center top','background-color':'#CCCCCC','color':'white'});});


The problem is when I click on a menu item and suddenly(in <200ms) leave the element(mouseout) before the transition is completed. Reverse transition occurs and the clicked menu element's background position goes back to the initial position.

I need a code like $(this).endtransition()

Could you help pls?

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