I want to include_recipe only_if some condition is met. The following code doesn't raise any error but it doesn't care about the only_if condition either, so gets executed in any cases:

include_recipe "cubrid" do
    only_if "hostname | grep 'blahblahshouldnotmatch'"

Is it possible to include_recipe only on some condition?


include_recipe isn't a normal resources in Chef but a normal method. Because of that, it ignores the passed block and subsequently the only_if condition specified there.

Fortunately, there occurs to be a solution for this. flaccid user from #chef freenode channel suggested the following solution, which works perfectly.

this_node_is_shard_broker = node["hostname"].include? "node2"
include_recipe "cubrid" if this_node_is_shard_broker

The above will execute include_recipe only if the hostname of the current running node is node2, which is exactly what I wanted to achieve.

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    include_recipe seems to be just a normal ruby function call and therefore you can use plain ruby if <condition> <code> end. – cmur2 Apr 12 '13 at 7:33

This works just fine:

include_recipe "foo" if node['bar'] == 'baz'

The above didn't work for me, but the following did:

if node["hostname"].include? "node2"
  include_recipe "cubrid"

In all answers that suggest

include_recipe "foo" if node['bar'] == 'baz'

you forget one extremely important thing - this if is evaluated in compile phase and if node['bar'] is changed during the course of execution this if will deliver the wrong result, as it is will be based on original, and not on changed value.

One can argue, that this is a bad practice, but think twice before doing that. Just an example: installing packages in chef-client run is a common practice. Reload ohai plugin packages after that can be seen as a good practice, but what will happen with the code:

include_recipe "my_cookbook::install" unless node['packages'].key?('mypackage')

in case when mypackage is installed somewhere in a cookbook that is executed earlier in the same client run? The right answer is that recipe will be included, while it is clear from the code, that expectation is that it is not.

Unfortunately I at least does not know the way how to solve this issue, as both include_recipe and possible condition are compiled phase evaluated. AFAIK there is no way for conditional including of the recipe based on actions taken by other cookbooks withing the same chef-client run.

  • I think if you really want to make a recipe conditional on an attribute which may change during a Chef run, your only option is to make every resource within the recipe conditional. But that's a pretty rare use case. More commonly one would like to pass a string to only_if which would be interpreted by a custom interpreter, and now would have to manually do the work of calling that interpreter and distilling a boolean from its output. Inconvenient, but generally acceptable. – Zeust the Unoobian Jan 28 at 14:19

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