How can I jump to the next breakpoint in IntelliJ, as I can in Visual Studio by pressing F5?

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    If you go to Help and choose Default Keymap Reference you'll get a really nice overview of all the shortcuts in a PDF format. Print it out and put it next to you. – maba Apr 12 '13 at 9:54

While in debug mode, and between two breakpoints, hit the F9 key.

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    If F9 is a bit far from 1-hand on mouse, you can re-assign and find keyboard shortcuts in Settings > Keymap – Caelum May 4 '16 at 20:48

AFAIK, there is no direct F5 like in Visual Studio to jump to the next breakpoint without cursor pointing. The closest is the ALT+F9 that jumps to the cursor.

For quick reference, the most used debugging keyboard shortcuts are:

  • F8 Step over
  • F7 Step into
  • Shift + F7 Smart step into
  • Shift + F8 Step out
  • Alt + F9 Run to cursor
  • Alt + F8 Evaluate expression
  • F9 (Mac: Cmd + ALT + R) Resume program
  • Ctrl + F8 (Mac: Cmd + F8) Toggle breakpoint
  • Ctrl + Shift + F8 (Mac: Cmd + Shift + F8) View breakpoints

To note that there are some keyboard shortcut differences between Mac and Win/Linux. Full references to PDF cheatsheets below.


In Windows use F9 key to move next debug

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