What does the star do? What is it called? For me it is some kind of wild card. What is it called so I can read about it?

#div {
  *zoom: 1; /*this ... *
   zoom : 1;
   display: inline;
   *display: inline; /*... and this, whats the difference? *

I know what this means (all elements):

* {
..css code

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In simple words, its the key to target css on different IE browser versions. It can also be called as an CSS Hack.

#div {
  *zoom: 1; /*Only works on IE7 and below*/
  zoom : 1;
  display: inline;
  *display: inline; /*Only works on IE7 and below*/

Means this CSS works only on IE7 and below. It's kind of a hack we can use to apply CSS on IE7 and below.

Here is how to target IE6, IE7, and IE8 Uniquely

 color: red; /* all browsers, of course */  
 color : green\9; /* IE8 and below */  
 *color : yellow; /* IE7 and below */  
 _color : orange; /* IE6 */  

CLICK HERE if you want learn more about browser specific CSS.


star-property hack The IE family ignore the *, however, and apply the property without it.This hack is used in order to deliver style rules only to Internet Explorer 7 (and lower). It relies on a wrong DOM implementation that affects Explorer since 1997. According to the specifications, the actual root element of any well-formed (X)HTML document is the html element. Instead, Explorer 7 (and lower) considers the html element as wrapped in another unknown element.


*property: value

Although Internet Explorer 7 corrected its behavior when a property name is prefixed with an underscore or a hyphen, other non-alphanumeric character prefixes are treated as they were in IE6. Therefore, if you add a non-alphanumeric character such as an asterisk (*) immediately before a property name, the property will be applied in IE and not in other browsers. Unlike with the hyphen and underscore method, the CSS specification makes no reservations for the asterisk as a prefix, so use of this hack could result in unexpected behavior as the CSS specifications evolve.



In your context it seems to be the star hack. It does that property only applies in some versions of IE, depends of its use.

You could retrieve more info here.


What does the * in css? -> Selects all the elements after specified elements for eg. div.red *{color: red;} will result all color red after its class red even if you define the other color inside div.red hence you know * means ALL See This Fiddle

* zoom: 1; -> here you have placed * at first, so this would hack IE only that is this type of style works only in IE and other browsers neglect this.

* it is called asterisk in simple language and in coding language this is called Universal Selector

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