I would like to handle an OracleException thrown when my network/database connection is interrupted, where can I find out what error codes I might can receive?

I guess since we are talking about a connection interruption these would be technically TNS errors such as ORA-12560 "TNS:protocol adapter error." But I have noticed a couple others depending on where exactly the connection is lost and would like to get a full list.


Take a look at Oracle Database Error Messages 11g Release 1 (11.1). And here are the search results for TNS errors.

  • 987 results! Wow, those guys at oracle sure love to make things easy – George Mauer Oct 1 '08 at 21:21

There's a full list here: http://ora-code.com

But note that some of them, like "TNS:protocol adapter error", can actually mean many different things.

  • Ugh, That only makes my problem MORE difficult not less. – George Mauer Oct 1 '08 at 21:12
ORA-12154 TNS:could not resolve service name"
ORA-12203 TNS:unable to connect to destination"
ORA-12500 TNS:listener failed to start a dedicated server process"
ORA-12545 TNS:name lookup failure"
ORA-12560 TNS:protocol adapter error"
  • thanks, thats a good start – George Mauer Oct 1 '08 at 21:22

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