I am writing a Greasemonkey script and I need to be able to take the value from a hidden form element and set it to a variable.

The hidden form value looks like this:

 <input type="hidden" name="ASIN" value="B009MO89Y4" />

I have no ID, class, or any way I can see to set the "value" to a variable. This needs to work dynamically and I currently have no way to establish a class or ID to this value.

Is there a Javascript (or jQuery) method to set this?

In other words:

Find "input" with name "ASIN" and set .val() to a variable?


This selector and assignment:

$("input[name='ASIN']").val(); <---- returns value of that input

var inputVal = $("input[name='ASIN']").val(); <-- Assigns it

var temp = "Stuff";
$("input[name='ASIN']").val(temp); <----Assigns the value of the temp var.
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    Thank you so much. I kept trying something simpler that just wasn't working correctly. Some of the pages had an ID of #ASIN with the value already set so I just set it up as #ASIN. Never imagined it'd be that easy :) Yet again, thank you so much! – Nicholas Hazel Apr 12 '13 at 16:02

You can use the jQuery attribute equals selector


You can select it via. name in jQuery like so:

var bar = "Example"; // Example text, to be used in val().
var x = $('input[name="ASIN"]').val(bar);  
// Sets the variable x to be the value bar for the input with the name ASIN.

Here's a working jQuery jsFiddle.

In pure Javascript *:

var bar = "Example";  
document.getElementsByName("ASIN")[0].value = bar;

Here's a working Javascript jsFiddle.

*Please note that although document.getElementsByName is supported well in Firefox, Chrome and Safari, it has limited browser support. in IE and Opera.

  • Note that document.getElementsByName has limited browser support: W3C DOM Compatibility - Core – cmptrgeekken Apr 12 '13 at 15:52
  • @cmptrgeekken I've Incorporated that into the answer, thanks. Just thought it would be nice to chuck in a pure Javascript way as opposed to just jQuery answers! – dsgriffin Apr 12 '13 at 15:55

Like this:



var hiddenAsin = $('input[name="ASIN"]').val();

You can filter your selection with any attribute.

$('input[name=ASIN]').val("New Value")

You can use selector that targets inputs of type hidden. It should look like that:


or simpler:


Use this method

var inputs = document.getElementsByTagName('input');
for(var i = 0...)
    //go through each input and look for the name "ANSI" and the type is hidden.

     //and do your changes. 

this is for javascript remember.

with this you should be able to get that specific hidden form without an ID nor a Class assigned to that specific form.

  • for(int i = 0...) ? There is no int data type in Javascript as far as I know. You probably mean for(var i=0; ...) – GitaarLAB Apr 12 '13 at 15:55
  • ahh yes indeed, my bad, its the habbit haha. but yeah you catched my drift. with this it should help him solve his issue. – S.H. Apr 12 '13 at 16:07

For pure javascript:

Try document.getElementsByName('name').
Note that cmptrgeekken pointed out that this has limited browser-support (although that would not be an issue with greasemonkey in FF).

As an alternative, if that hidden element has a fixed place you could also access it by index-number in a predictable collection that you got from knownParent.getElementsByTagName('tag')[#] (So the first hidden inputtag inside a form would be number 0).

Another variation is to get (again) knownParent.getElementsByTagName('tag') and loop over that collection to see what element has the 'name' attribute set that you seek. Simply do:

var target=knownParent.getElementsByTagName('input'), L=target.length;
           while(L--){ if(target[L].name==='name'){target=target[L]; break;} }
alert(target.value); //target is now the element you seek.

Example fiddle here.

Good luck!

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