I'm trying to recursively diff 2 directories with lots of hierarchy/files within them. It's overwhelming to parse through the results.

What I'd like is a simple summary report that shows what's in one directory but not the other. I can write a simple perl script to do it, but wondering if I'm missing some obvious solution.

Edit: I found this thread: Given two directory trees, how can I find out which files differ? and something like this seems to work:

diff --brief -r dir1/ dir2/ |grep -v differ

You're not using diff?

diff <(find dirA | sort) <(find dirB | sort) >bigdiff

Try this scriptlet (modified tripleee's answer)

diff <(find prod/ | sort | cut -d"/" -f2- ) <(find test/ | sort| cut -d"/" -f2-)

The cut removes the directory names themselves in my case "prod" and "test" Tip: Add the -y to see a side by side view

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