I tried to setup opencart without using CPanel( Setting it up in CPanel can be done this way). I already have opencart(lets call it the main shop) running at < mydomain >.com What I did is the following:

  1. created a separate subdomain eg. shop2.< mydomain >.com,
  2. made the shop2 subdoamin point to the same ip as the < mydomain >.com (the main shop)
  3. created a virtual host(apache) for the shop2 subdomain and its document root point to the same as the existing main shop.
  4. Created a new store in opencart, and set the store url as shop2.< mydomain >.com ( With or without this step won't change my problem described below.

The problem is that shop2.< mydomain >.com now is exactly the same as < mydomain >.com , for example, if a product is disabled from the existing opencart, it is disabled from the shop2 as well.

Similar question is asked on the opencart forum but no answer has been provided.

My environment is: Ubunbu, Apache.


So this question has an incorrect title as You already did set up a multistore. Instead of this You should be asking How to disable a product on just one store within a multistore installation?, shouldn't You?

The problem is clear and the answer too - You cannot do this by enabling/disabling the product/category, etc. The multistore feature allows You to have only one database while You can set a product (or category or whatever) to show on store 1 to store X.

If You disable the product, You disable it for all stores.

If You want a product to be shown only at store 2 but not at store 1, check/uncheck the appropriate checkboxes within a product detail form at tab Links -> option Stores. By unchecking Default and checking e.g. Store 2 You set the product to be shown only at store 2 - but the product has to be enabled. Same way for categories, manufacturers, etc.

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