The title sums my question up - I need a generic typedef for a pointer to a template class method, as explained in the code below. The typedef needs to be generic.

template<typename TYPE>
struct MyClass {
    const TYPE& get() const {}

// this is okay:
typedef void (MyClass<int>::*ParticleMethodPtr)( int );

// now I just need to typedef this so I can
// use the pointer on methods other than int

// using typedef, not okay:
template< TYPE >
typedef void (MyClass<TYPE>::*ParticleMethodPtr)( TYPE );
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That is not allowed, as you've seen yourself.

You can do this:

template<typename T>
struct member_pointer
    typedef void (MyClass<T>::*function_type)(T);

Now you can use this as:

member_pointer<int>::function_type memfun = &MyClass<int>::some_func;


You can use C++11 template alias to make it simpler as:

template<typename T>
using mem_function = typename member_pointer<T>::function_type;

then use it as:

mem_function<int> memfun = &MyClass<int>::some_func;


Hope that helps.

  • Thanks, C++11's "using" keyword works. – Brandon Apr 15 '13 at 4:21

In C++11:

template<typename TYPE>
using ParticleMethodPtr = const TYPE&(MyClass<TYPE>::*)() const;

ParticleMethodPtr<int> p = &MyClass<int>::get;
  • Thanks, this works. – Brandon Apr 15 '13 at 4:20

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