Is there any reasonably attractive approach to building a basic database-driven website with only very light/simple programming (i.e., without using PHP, Python, Ruby, .NET, etc.)? I was imagining some trivial declarative language for database lookup that gets processed server-side. Something that anyone with HTML and SQL knowledge can figure out in a day or two.

I heard of ColdFusion but it seems to be on a downward spiral.

I read about non-programmer friendly CMS, but I need to be able to write my own SQL queries, and I doubt CMS allows that. (In addition, I only have a couple of web pages of content, so CMS is probably an overkill.)

Does it mean as long as the website needs to talk to a database, a developer must be involved in making it?


Assuming you are not tied to a specific RDBMS, I'd recommend APEX. It

  • is part of the Oracle database
  • requires no external tools (your Browser is the IDE)
  • allows quick development of database-driven applications (Reports, Master/Detail, CRUD functionality)

You can try it online (free registration required).


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