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So I have a text-based exploring game where the user can type the direction and go places and appropriate images come up and so on. I have, so far, created a world with boundaries.

What I want to do now is to add items that the user can interact with -- sword, map and so on. I know I can create a div using document.createElement("div") but then, how will I add it to the modal div ? I mean, I can add it to the body by document.appendChild() but to a div ?

Also, How do I remove it ?

enter image description here

So the user types inventory and the modal shows up. When the user types pick, say on a sword, there should be a new div added to it the next time user types inventory

Suggestions to improve the game are welcome

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You should have reference to your modal window stored somewhere in variable:

// modal_div contains reference to your modal
// or to particular element inside it
var modal_div = document.getElementById("my_modal");

// later you create new element and use appendChild to add it
var new_element = document.createElement("div");
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You can use jQuery's .after(), .append(), .before(), .remove() and such to add, remove, replace elements on your page.

You can navigate the DOM quite easily with jQuery, check out their tutorials:

Exercises about traversing the DOM:

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