In my application I have to show a notification on a particular action taken place?

I have to show logged in user a notification then.

One way to get notifications is to keep polling after certain time interval. that is pull notification. But this causes unnecessary hits to server.

How can I use push notifications from server? I am using Java Servlets and JSP with Tomcat.


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Nowadays a promising way of client-server communication is to use Websockets.

See What are Long-Polling, Websockets, Server-Sent Events (SSE) and Comet to see some other ways together with the Websockets and for an advantages of Websockets with an introduction see An Introduction To WebSockets


You can use WebSockets for this purpose. There are multiple implementations available like jwebsocket.


Take a look at the Comet model and Servlet 3.0 specification.


You can try Servlet3.0 Async functionality.

Here is an Chat example which does push : Servlet 3.0 Async Example

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