I'm trying to open a mvc3 project on my system, but I'm getting an error message in a popup saying 'one or more projects were not loaded correctly .please see the output window for details' and when I close the popup , below I'm seeing a message 'The project type is not supported by this installation.'

I have mvc3 installed on my system and this project is developed in mvc3. I am not sure what is the issue, many times when I try to open projects developed on other machines, I get the same error. I am able to develop mvc3 projects on my system and run them with out any issues

  • There's a big possibility the project is not really built with MVC 3. Perhaps in MVC 4? – von v. Apr 16 '13 at 4:55
  • no, i checked it twice, its in mvc3 and its working fine in other systems which have only mvc3 – adityaa Apr 16 '13 at 5:05
  • 1
    How sure are you that you have MVC 3 installed? i.e. Do you have the option of creating a new MVC 3 project? – Simon C Apr 16 '13 at 5:07
  • yes and i created many mvc3 projects using 'asp.net mvc3 web application template'..but i uninstalled mvc2? – adityaa Apr 16 '13 at 5:12
  • maybe the solution contains some other class library projects that are not compatibles or not being loaded correctly (if you use git, svn or TFS). anyway I've had this problem a few times and it was all about the class library projects came with the solution – ePezhman Apr 16 '13 at 7:04

maybe one or more files isn't available in your project files. check files included your project in explorer

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