I have the following setup:

JBoss 4.2.3
under that i have:

--> Project A  (Wich is not SEAM 2.1.2GA based)
       * beanA (JNDI = beanA/remote)
       * beanB (JNDI = beanB/remote)

--> Project B  (SEAM based)
    EJBs / Components:
       * ComponentX
       * ComponentY

On component X i have the current piece of code:

public class ComponentX implements java.io.Serializable { 
beanAInterface beanA;
public foo(){
    beanA.bar();  // <--------- beanA is null, even with mapped name and etc, only works
                  //            if i direct lookup with Context().lookup("beanA/remote")

Any ideias on how to solve this?

Thanks in advance.



Your ComponentX class is not an EJB, so you cannot use the @EJB annotation to inject them. You have a few options. Convert your ComponentX to EJB adding @Stateless or @Statefull and an interface @Local or @Remote, in this way the AS will notice ComponentX is an EJB and will know what to do with the desired injection. The other option is let the ComponentX as simply a component and use InitialContext#lookup for obtaining the reference to "beanA/remote" by hand.

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