We'd like to set up TFS2012 to handle the multiple work methods per project problem. Did see the related topics, but I think our case is different.

We have several products with one or more teams working on them. The teams see the product's backlog, but they may use different work method - a project can have a scrum and a kanban team. In some cases a kanban team does release work on the user stories which are finished by the scrum teams.

How should we start setting up TFS to have different work methods (templates) within a project? Should we use one project collection? Is there a template which can handle scrum and kanban work together Can we modify and map a workflow to two different boards?



Each team project is based on a single process template. In this case you can either choose the Scrum or the Kanban template, and customize it.

It seems Scrumban process would fit into your project, however there's process template available yet for TFS.

  • Thanks KMoraz! Probably modifying the scrum template would be the solution for us. Do you have any information, that different teams in a project can have different boards? Eg.: The scrum team and the release scrumban team can have different board mappings? – Laci Apr 17 '13 at 8:52
  • By default, mapping works on the team project level, not the team level. However you can try the Customizable Kanban Swim Lanes that was introduced in TFS 2012 update 2 – KMoraz Apr 18 '13 at 20:46
  • Thank you KMoraz. Yes, the new kanban swimlanes allowed me to do some team-specific changes, but it is still quite strict as the state categories (eg.: Waiting for upload can't be in the first column of the upload team while it is mapped to the "Complete" type ). Anyway thanks for the ideas! – Laci Apr 19 '13 at 13:16

I agree, both Scrum and Kanban could do it (could also work together !). It's really defining the parameters of your workflow that will make the difference. What are the variable, if you may. As for swimlanes, we deal with it everyday at Zenkit and we actually wrote an article about it, if you’re interested and we’d love your feedbacks: https://blog.zenkit.com/dive-into-better-task-management-with-kanban-swimlanes-8a190a65471a

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