I would like to gather information from all the tab delimited text files located here, select the appropriate row, and have each cell in the row attached to a variable used by several imagettftext lines used in a dynamic image (dynamic image is the same php file this code will be written in) . My intention is to have the following process:

1: Read files in the link above

2: Select a certain row in each file

3: Output values of rows to a file on my server, along with a time and date

Every time the image is loaded:

1: Read values from output file

2: Check age of data

3: If data is older than 1 day, repeat the first three steps above

4: If data is less than a day old, find the value that should be attached to the variable in the imagettftext code.

While I'd appreciate help with the entire process, the most important thing I need to know is how to parse the files, and attach a variable to the relevant cells in the row I want.

Most of this is completely from scratch, so the only code I have is for creating the actual image itself, which is basically as follows:

    header("Content-Type: image/png");
    $template = imagecreatefrompng("Images/statImage.png");
    $black = imagecolorallocate($template, 0, 0, 0);
    $font = 'Images/sigimages/UbuntuMono-R.ttf';

In total, I have 99 variables, but I didn't include them, as it needlessly lengthens the code. As you can see, $variable1 is not tied to anything, which is where I am having trouble, as I don't know how to parse.

  • What did you do to solve the problem so far? Feel free to post the code here. – mzedeler Apr 16 '13 at 20:55
  • @mzedeler: Added code. – Hiigaran Apr 16 '13 at 21:08

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