I am using the latest version of XCode and building for iOS 6.0 and above. The following is the crash log I get. It doesn't seem to be helpful at all. The only thing I notice is that for My App it says "[per-process-limit]". Does this mean anything? What else could be causing this crash? I am using ARC if that matters. Thanks

Incident Identifier: B3FF81F3-FE14-46B2-A4C6-0931917D87C0
CrashReporter Key:   e64be3b78430ea913edf711ceb553d83ad760b10
Hardware Model:      iPhone5,1
OS Version:          iPhone OS 6.1.3 (10B329)
Kernel Version:      Darwin Kernel Version 13.0.0: Wed Feb 13 21:40:10 PST 2013; root:xnu-2107.
Date:                2013-04-16 18:57:49 -0400
Time since snapshot: 952 ms

Free pages:        1490
Active pages:      15836
Inactive pages:    7532
Throttled pages:   68031
Purgeable pages:   48
Wired pages:       165666
Largest process:   Stevens Book Tra

 Name                    <UUID>                       rpages       recent_max       [reason]          (state)

       timed <13d1143a8d7433cdbec64d4279aee1fe>          445              445         [vm]         (daemon) (idle)
   Bejeweled <ac11f9265d6634cc8ccb70757a223325>        14984            14984         [vm]         (suspended)
    AppStore <ffde258b8ad532398989bdd281fac800>        17866            17866         [vm]         (suspended)
         lsd <fe3afa7c718c30e591f1324f09d08c4f>          631              631                      (daemon) (idle)
       gamed <7954b1514d88384ca3f1f506b29d0812>         1510             1510                      (daemon) (idle)
    installd <4da1ba8fb7cd3c6690edf3e2a3c24269>          447              447                      (daemon) (idle)
webbookmarksd <d241794687e23138a14c7a5ad4371181>          651              651                      (daemon) (idle)
itunesstored <be14ada6a4d836f0aac6cf104f600c64>         2325             2325                      (daemon) (idle)
networkd_privile <20292830d8d53949b82495c145d0a379>          131              131                      (daemon) (idle)
softwareupdatese <1e626439b28f3e778f6a90c15b355c5d>          559              559                      (daemon) (idle)
   accountsd <6255c4bbbe953cc990fbeb8bc8d3ba86>         1141             1141                      (daemon) (idle)
  MobileMail <aed39adc22ee334c90bca672f578f1c0>         8775             8775                      (continuous)
   MobileSMS <afeef1d46f00323395b58b14f8803a82>         1726             1726                      (background)
 MobilePhone <872761e082c831a8a9090c8660347d5a>         1736             1736                      (resume) (continuous)
        tccd <e6dbe43518593da19ff55a9f3f15b3de>          325              325                      (daemon)
         kbd <47657f4dd979300a840367905786eccc>          782              782                      (daemon)
My App <29f36b70932433febcb1123b2b6c534b>       151118           151118  [per-process-limit] (frontmost) (resume)
     Pandora <6596910eed9532aca40f1ee3d6558334>         8775             8775                      (audio) (background)
     syslogd <42cd10099569364f811f66ad6f6dea46>          177              177                      (daemon)
   locationd <2d8cb2921fb538d4bb4aed62af98b4d2>         1988             1988                      (daemon)
mediaserverd <221fa80d17503fc7aa86f1041bdcc0be>         2189             2189                      (daemon)
       wifid <71a35a9968a4358a8569e6de843ad1aa>          859              859                      (daemon)
  calaccessd <d4096f0836003ac8a5ef4cea07e382d1>          730              730                      (daemon)
 dataaccessd <7b294c10f04f36af8086f4ccb5606fae>         1778             1778                      (daemon)
  aosnotifyd <44b37f0df5c932e39b30230611981071>          737              737                      (daemon)
iaptransportd <30bda0eeebb73681939e4223845ff0de>          378              378                      (daemon)
 SpringBoard <b0713272db793942ac49d8d3c84c2c2e>        11389            11389                     
  backboardd <d9997ef1b2bc3015862615abf37ebb1b>         5874             5874                      (daemon)
 UserEventAgent <d19ebe160ed536c8b18c89f066b758a6>          943              943                      (daemon)
   securityd <eda98353705c34578e9b09867d3c96f6>          269              269                      (daemon)
    sandboxd <bbb7e05047a937159530525e2657928a>          277              277                      (daemon)
syncdefaultsd <9c9a6da6f6993bb2be6ba01b851dc3e9>          698              698                      (daemon)
 mediaremoted <0279c54f0b2d30f6866036eea881cce1>          412              412                      (daemon)
    recentsd <99746b2acfdc3654881ad4fc961e2c89>          925              925                      (daemon)
   absinthed <a0bbaeb03c47300a9d5a7f6ce6468aab>          175              175                      (daemon)
    SCHelper <1ba907829bfa3e479f071e61c531331f>          227              227                      (daemon)
filecoordination <44b0075fbc5b3af5b403fc3bcb6603b0>          350              350                      (daemon)
   distnoted <4b2b2984057b3df2a7e5c7d1d79a099b>          239              239                      (daemon)
        apsd <9ba45b14c44d340da1c3a41f28b46f65>          578              578                      (daemon)
    networkd <26c89c34e3e031fdb46bea7bed9df0ff>          324              324                      (daemon)
  aggregated <a2d209b4577a3697a10c288fd542e501>          126              126                      (daemon)
   fseventsd <b148ac55dd67325e822695755023a16e>          336              336                      (daemon)
    BTServer <e6eb89b2fe7b3b219a2d90e6735b166d>          424              424                      (daemon)
     imagent <e61401f9f6303ae189c517add142b837>          839              839                      (daemon)
fairplayd.N41 <7d6161c8bf4633f7b62b9dbbd78ff990>          388              388                      (daemon)
     configd <d2cd8bc6ed643fa69392c80fc416cd8b>          795              795                      (daemon)
   lockdownd <f960236277c33ac78488eeea78661347>          333              333                      (daemon)
      powerd <fde6e83ab5f63bfeb5313e4cd86b25cc>          276              276                      (daemon)
mDNSResponder <b9aedd3c47f43627af9b55c3d0844f16>          479              479                      (daemon)
  CommCenter <3fbedab9761b3733a3fc0cd58ab00055>         1702             1702                      (daemon)
     notifyd <bbd1f04dd7163c93bc9eb6e5a7b14ab7>          231              231                      (daemon)
 ReportCrash <3f296f612faa36d687fb3bb40a4648eb>          355              355                      (daemon)


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Well, MyApp has got 151118 resident pages of memory, which is about 590 MB (a page under iOS is 4 KB). So that's far too much memory. Try running with the allocations tool in Instruments and see where your memory is going.

Edit, to actually answer the question: The system is killing your app because it's using too much memory. To fix the crash you need to reduce your memory usage (in this case quite drastically). I suspect that you have a bug causing a memory usage spike because it's unlikely that your app really needs as much memory as it is apparently using according to the log you posted.

  • I suspected that was likely the case but I'm not sure how to go about reducing this footprint. I thought ARC was suppose to handle all of this for me? I'll look into the Allocations tool thanks
    – Stephen
    Commented Apr 17, 2013 at 0:22
  • ARC handles a lot of things for you, but it's still possible to accidentally eat tons of memory. Look for "tight loops" that allocate large (or many) objects inside the loop, e.g. for (whatever) { [self loadABigImageIntoMemory]; } That's a fairly common culprit. Commented Apr 17, 2013 at 0:32
  • @user132490 Lookout for retain cycles too. In Xcode, run the Product->Analyze menu.
    – rmaddy
    Commented Apr 17, 2013 at 0:37
  • @AaronGolden Hmm this leads me to believe the issue is most likely the loading of images I am doing into a tableview. For each cell I download a picture (in the background) and fill it in as soon as it has been downloaded. How would I go about reducing this footprint?
    – Stephen
    Commented Apr 17, 2013 at 0:39
  • @user132490 Actually if you're downloading the data asynchronously I doubt you're building up too many autoreleased objects the way you would in a snippet like the one I posted. It's really hard to say what the problem might be or how to fix it without specific details of your program. Give the allocations tool in Instruments a try (from Xcode use the Products->Analyze menu, and select allocations when Instruments appears). I probably shouldn't have encouraged you to look for anything in particular in your code---there's no need to speculate when we can measure! Commented Apr 17, 2013 at 0:58

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