I'm using the ZfcUser and BjyAuthorize in my Project. If a user logged in, he will be redirected to my default route.

But i want to change it, so if a User with role A will redirected to Page A and user with role B will redirected to page B.

Any idea, how to realize this?

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    You would have to overwrite the UserController#authenticateAction(), this requires you to also overwrite the invokable zfcuser to your controller. The catch is that you'll have to provide the view-templates from your Module, too ;) It's alittle tricky and quite frankly ZfcUser could need a rewrite :D
    – Sam
    Apr 17, 2013 at 7:09
  • Thank you, for your comment. I have already overwritten the UserController, to add new Actions. But i try to solve my problem with your proposal for solution.
    – KFO
    Apr 17, 2013 at 11:58
  • You can try to redirect on signup to a page (to process some actions) and then redirect to their correct user's page (according their role) Apr 20, 2013 at 18:26
  • I already implemented Sam solution. The important thing is the entry 'zfcuser' => 'App\Controller\LoginController', as a invokable in the module.config.php
    – KFO
    Apr 22, 2013 at 7:44

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I have actually done this and created the merge request in GitHub. It's actually a very small change that needs to be done in zfc-user/src/ZfcUser/Controlelr/UserController.php. Within authenticateAction() you need to replace this:

return $this->redirect()->toRoute($this->getOptions()->getLoginRedirectRoute());

For this:

$route = $this->getOptions()->getLoginRedirectRoute();

if(is_callable($route)) {
    $route = $route($this->zfcUserAuthentication()->getIdentity());

return $this->redirect()->toRoute($route);

And in your config/autoload/module.zfcuser.global.php file you'll be able to use a callback for the login_redirect_route:

'login_redirect_route' => function(\ZfcUser\Entity\UserInterface $user) {
    if($user->getUsername()=='Admin') {
        return 'admin';

    return 'user';
  • Hi Marc, like you see in the comments above, i already solved the problem by overwriting the UserController::authenticateAction(). But your solution looks like a good approach.
    – KFO
    Jul 17, 2013 at 6:05

As I have to check several things depending on the role I've create a simple module than once the users is logged (default route after loggin) and depending on the role (avaliable through bjyautorize) redirects the application to the correc url.

Maybe it's not an elegant way but you don't have to modify zfcUser code.


You can setup redirect after login in config file.

'login_redirect_route' => '/your-url',

your-url accessible from all type of user and then create switch case to match your role and redirect page to role specific page.

$roles = $this->serviceLocator->get('BjyAuthorize\Provider\Identity\ProviderInterface')->getIdentityRoles();

switch ($roles){

     case "admin": 
     case "user":              

Suppose you have an 'admin' role in bjyauthorize that you want to redirect to another route.

In your loginAction replace the code:

    if ($this->zfcUserAuthentication()->getAuthService()->hasIdentity()) {
        return $this->redirect()->toRoute($this->getOptions()->getLoginRedirectRoute());

with this code:

    if ($this->zfcUserAuthentication()->getAuthService()->hasIdentity()) {
        $roles = $this->serviceLocator->get('BjyAuthorize\Provider\Identity\ProviderInterface')->getIdentityRoles();
        if (in_array('admin',$roles))
            return $this->redirect()->toRoute('admin_route');
        } else {
            return $this->redirect()->toRoute('user_route');

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